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Everyone has a story

In early 2017, Wyzowl found that 63% of businesses were using video as a marketing tool. By the start of 2018, that had risen to 81%. Now, as we arrive in 2019, the number has increased again to 87%.

We are all consuming video everyday, even when we don't realize it. From the screens at the gym, to our mobile devices or even a video billboard. Whatever your video production needs are, Just Basl Productions can help bring them to the life. Check out some of our sample work below.


How does it all come together?

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About Jarrod

Jarrod's creative vision drives him daily to create the best possible imagery with a strong foundation in story, to drive your message and or brand.


"Beyond being a remarkably strong eye, operator, technician, visual artist and all around videographer, Jarrod brings professionalism and leadership to the set. He builds strong report with the talent, respects the vision of others, and can diligently command the room when charged to do so. Jarrod cares deeply about his work - whatever it may be in the moment - and will fight for the best quality possible. I enjoy working with him very much and am regularly eager to do so again."

-  Craig Ormiston // Digital Product Manager at We Are Envoy

"Jarrod is multi-talented, highly creative and collaborative. Whether he's working with a team or handling a project as a one-man band, Jarrod brings the thunder at every phase – from concepting to production to post. His work tells stories that are impactful and on-brand, compelling and eminently watchable & share-able. If you're looking to make awesome video content, Jarrod can bring your vision to life, and he'll make it even better than you ever imagined."

- Kristen O'Neill // Wordsmith

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